Content strategy

  • IdeationIdeation

    Ideation: We offer a creative ideation process that ensure that creative ideas are shareable and practical. We use a PICK model to map creative brainstorming against Possible, Implement, Challenge and Kill. This ensures that we can present a range of content concepts from the Easy To Do (Possible) to those that offer strong results, but will require more results (Challenge). We have worked with this model in consulting capacity across a range of businesses.

  • StrategyStrategy

    Strategy: Because we have experience across the broad spectrum of digital media, we ensure that your content marketing get maximum impact for available effort. To ensure that the content you produce meets your brand and marketing objectives, we will push you to consider the full process of the content cycle before moving to production. This includes ensuring the amplification targets and methods are integrated into the content decision making process.

    Content Production

  • ArticlesArticles

    Articles: We have our own network of copywriters, journalists and bloggers who can deliver written content to meet key objectives particularly around shareability. With our expertise is search and social marketing, we ensure that written work is developed with measurable objectives, from supporting outreach to onsite conversion.

  • videoVideo

    Video: You will have gathered from our website, that we believe that video is the most effective way to gain engagement in today's crowded content space. There are some compelling statistics to support this belief. 50% of Facebook user's watch at least 1 video on the platform every day. YouTube is the world's second biggest search engine, and third most visited site worldwide. There is plenty of hard evidence that video content delivers good ROI, through higher Engagement and Conversion Rates. Video content is cornerstone of EduSwitch's content marketing approach - talk to us about how we can help expand your Reach, Engagement or Conversion.

  • InfographicsInfographics

    Infographics: Presenting stories and information in a visually appealing and informative way is a key part of digital engagement. We work with you to ensure infographics brief deliver on the promise, and ensure we have KPIs to measure success. If the aim is to support SEO, then Infographics need to offer an exceptional insight, or present information in a unique and inventive way.


  • SearchSearch

    Search: Our directors have a long history of providing search marketing services to businesses large and small. In fact our content marketing journey started in the SEO space, when we started looking at the future of SEO and realised that SEO was evolving from a technical and low value link process, into a service that required quality content and relationships. Link building has evolved to the stage where we need to segment potential link relationship partners and ensure that we have content that is attractive and linkable to that segment. We ensure that all of our services, also work to deliver maximum return in search rankings and traffic.

  • SocialSocial

    Social: We have practical and hands-on experience in developing social channels. While lots of companies have moved into selling advertising on social properties, are focus is on helping you develop sustainable social communities, and ensuring you have the right mix of content and stories to talk with your communities. Read our AIM Case Study for more information.

  • OutreachOutreach

    Outreach: Developing content on it's own with planning for amplifications is like shouting in an empty room. For real Search Results you need to consider how you will get your content in the hand of Influencers. We have mature and developed processes for engaging with active Influencers, including Bloggers, YouTubers, and traditional Media. For each content concept, we look at how we can work the concept with Influencers relevant to your market and community.