07 Jan

Cats and Facebook – Yes or No?

Jan 07th 2015

Adam discusses the reality of cat picture posts on Social Media.... no we are not joking.


Raise your hand if you shared a cat meme in the past week.

Cats seem to have a unique hold over us. They dominate the meme world and put smiles on even the most die-hard dog lover’s face. Somehow their facial expressions seem to perfectly reflect our own emotions and help us communicate our ideas through sarcastic and satirical remarks written across images.

Although it has been clearly demonstrated that posting cat memes is an easy way to get content shared and liked, what is not clear is if this actually benefits brands. Let’s break down why people actually feel drawn to these memes and explore whether there is any value to companies participating in the trend.
Saw a cat meme. Immediately shared it.

Sure cats are cute and furry, but what is really behind the phenomenon of cat love? Researchers have examined this very question and discovered that cats have actually been a source of amusement and fascination for humans for generations. There have been odes and poems written to these furry creatures.
Not only do cats have adorable big eyes that might even remind us of human babies, they also seem perfectly content to completely ignore us — and there is nothing that sparks our collective interest faster than someone ignoring us.

The Internet provides us with the perfect platform for indulging our cat enjoyment. People can share pictures and memes that express their love of these four-legged friends and easily find others who feel the same.

Made people laugh. Boosted likes.

There are few easier ways to boost the number of likes or retweets that your posting has on social media than to post something using a cat meme. It has been suggested that these memes help people feel as though they are in on the joke. They see images they are familiar with presented in a new way, and it naturally intrigues them and encourages them to share the meme.

When you use cat memes in your marketing campaign, you can be confident that it will help you gain the attention of your viewers. People will share your image, which will boost your brand awareness. Remember that the goal of any successful marketing campaign is to produce compelling content that will encourage people to engage with your brand. Many social media sites, such as Facebook, have a more casual atmosphere, where companies and individuals alike are encouraged to participate in conversation rather than just present regular advertisements to potential customers. Cat memes are an excellent way to initiate this conversation. When you demonstrate to people your willingness to share some humor and make them laugh, they will naturally feel more friendly toward your brand.

Not sure if more likes will boost sales or just make me the class clown

One of the biggest concerns that companies have with sharing memes is the question of whether the increased popularity will actually translate to more conversions. After all, it does not do much good to make people laugh if they do not actually buy anything! Fortunately, the two are related. Fun memes help to boost engagement with your potential customers. They can be excellent conversation starters and help you begin to build relationships with those interested in your brand. Since they are easily shared, your brand will also begin to gain attention from more potential customers.

On the other hand, memes tend to have little to do with your actual products or services. Although they are good for a laugh, the images do not do much to communicate your value to potential customers. Companies must strike a fine balance between connecting to customers through humor and letting them know why an organisation is one to pay attention to.

Memes have a fantastic way to connect to potential customers and start conversations. That does not mean, though, that they should dominate the brand’s Facebook image. You want your Facebook tone of voice to be effective and engaging. Use memes as a tool to draw customers to your social media pages rather than as the focus of your campaigns, and watch those cats drag in some success.